1. How do I become a member?

By calling us at (786) 650-0080

Emailing us at Flora@floraandmore.com

Or just drop by and speak with a team member.


2. How much does the membership cost?

There is no fee for membership.


3. Do you only sell Orchids?

No, we also have a vast selection of hardgoods, floral supplies and greens!


4. How can I order your products?*

By downloading our mobile app located in both IOS and Google Play Store.


5. When can I pick up my order?

We receive products, which can be picked up from Tuesday to Friday 8am-4pm (holidays may vary).


6. How soon after I place my order will my product be ready for pickup?

Orders can be placed Monday-Friday before 10 AM for next-day pick-up.
Pick-up is only available on Tuesday-Friday. No order pickup is available Monday.


Mystiques and Gardens require a two-day preorder.


7. Are you open to the public?

We are a wholesale-only marketplace catering to other businesses and are not open to the public.


8. Do you accept walk-ins?

We currently accept walk-ins to register as a member or purchase product using a day pass. Feel free to speak with one of our team members to sign up and become part of the family.


9. What are your hours of Operation?

Monday – Friday

8AM – 4PM

We close daily from 12-1 for lunch.


10. How do I care for my Orchids?

Please visit the link below for helpful orchid care tips: Your Orchid Questions