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Reflect your high standards with the freshest, finest quality wholesale orchids available anywhere.

The drama of Mystique, the Swan’s sweeping lines, enchanting Teacups or the color splashes of 5” Phalaenopsis… No matter what selections you make, Flora & More has the premier quality orchids that show customers or clients that you deliver nothing but the very best.


Not your typical phalaenopsis, limited edition swans from Asia have a sweeping vertical cascade and soft lila color that enhances the back of the white flower. They are typically single spiked, distinctive from the non-cascading 5” white European phalaenopsis that has a smaller flower. Other attributes include:

  • • An intense, pure white color (not vanilla or cream)
  • • Larger blooms than most other varieties
  • • Substantial foliage for beautiful balance
  • • Long-lasting blooms
  • • Stature to command even a large space
  • 5 inch cyprus blue mystique crm

5” Mystique

It’s impossible to ignore a Mystique orchid, and trend watchers have taken note of the variety that has received raves and a “Cool New Product” award at its debut show. These vivid gems are the result of a patented process that infuses them with a specially formulated medium. Perfected over many years of research and testing, the process uses naturally derived elements and is environmentally conscious.

Flora & More offers eight striking Mystique colors, and we are exploring adding more:

  • • Blue
  • • Lilac
  • • Cyprus
  • • Pink
  • • Indigo
  • • Green
  • • Orange
  • • Pink Lemonade

Because Phalaenopsis orchids have a strong natural filtering system that protects them in the wild, our blue, lila, cyprus, pink, green and orange Mystiques will rebloom white. Our iridescent indigo Mystique will rebloom a lovely purple, while the pink lemonade Mystique will rebloom a serene yellow.

5” Phalaenopsis

When you picture orchids, it’s probably this foundational “go to” plant that first comes to mind. Our 5” phalaenopsis offers the widest color selection of any variety, so grab trays of vibrant yellows, pinks, purples or whatever captures your imagination most. You can also expect:

  • • The potential for double stems
  • • Long-lasting blooms, up to 2 months with proper care
  • • A hearty, easy to maintain plant

3” Teacup

A little plant with a big impact! For customers or clients who want something smaller than our 5” phalaenopsis varieties, the dainty teacup will be just right. Flora and More teacups are larger and more developed than other pocket phalaenopsis currently on the market, ensuring longer lasting blooms.

A few more things we love about 3” teacups:

  • • Long shelf life
  • • Low maintenance
  • • Wide color selection
  • • Attractive and eye-catching for retail display
  • • Multiple flowers
  • • Perfect for small spaces that need a little something extra

Garden Arrangements

For customers who want a little something extra, leave it to us! We can create garden arrangements that combine orchids with nature’s accents carefully chosen to showcase an orchid’s beauty:

  • • Bromeliads
  • • Succulents
  • • Air Plants
  • • Greenery

With an assortment of plant varieties, colors, styles and sizes available, combination possibilities are almost limitless. No matter what arrangement you prefer, these gorgeous gardens make perfect gifts and warm any home or corporate setting.


The rare rainforest Vanda has been domesticated so that it can now brighten any indoor space. These unique orchids were once only suitable for tropical zones due to care requirements, but innovators have developed Vandas that thrive indoors. Vandas are quick re-bloomers, so they can be enjoyed year-round. Choose either hanging Vandas or those in sleek shatter-proof acrylic vases that show off the orchid’s natural beauty.


Even smaller than our 3” teacup, the whimsical 2” espresso orchid proves that amazing things come in the tiniest packages. This pocket phalaenopsis has all the benefits of the long-lasting, low maintenance teacup plus:

  • • A high percentage of double stems at no higher price than a single stem
  • • Minimal watering requirements
  • • A beautiful spray of flowers at a lower price point than other phalaenopsis

A perfect accent, the espresso takes full advantage of its modest shelf space with charm, color and character.

Our Green Commitment

Flora & More is deeply committed to the environment and customer safety, having made a pledge to “go green” in more than the literal sense. We look for growers who share this commitment and are proud to endorse the Silver Vase Clean & Green integrated pest management program that limits the use of pesticides so that plants can be brought to you free of chemical residue.