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& Accessories

Why settle for boring terra cotta and plastic pots? Stunning orchids deserve out of the ordinary containers and accessories that enhance their special beauty.

At Flora & More, you’ll find everything you need to create full floral designs conveniently under one roof. With a wide variety of containers and accessories to choose from, explore combinations you might not have considered and get a first look at the newest trends that have yet to hit the mass market.


From the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and beyond, discover products crafted by some of the most creative artisans in the world here at Flora & More. The sky’s the limit when it comes to design, materials, shapes and finishes. Let your imagination lead you, and we promise you’ll find the perfect way to complement and showcase your orchids and other plants.

  • • Ceramics
  • • Tins
  • • Glass
  • • Baskets


Whether you’d like an accessory to celebrate a special occasion or to surround your orchids with a little something extra, we offer a full selection:

  • • Charming picks for any special day, event or milestone
  • • Gift bags
  • • Moss varieties including Sphagnum, Sheet, Mood and Spanish
  • • Florist supplies
    • • Leaf shine
    • • Assorted pebbles and sand